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We’ve worked with a diverse clientele and developed agile, scalable solutions for them from scratch. We’ll let our work do the talking:

Learning Management Platform

We designed the architectural blueprint, keeping scalability, security, and reliability in mind. Then, leveraging Infrastructure-As-Code best practices, we automated the deployment of the backend, middleware layer, and a consumer-facing application.

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A learning management platform that facilitates the smooth delivery of K-12 content to schools.

E-commerce Customer

Leveraging Microsoft Azure, we conceptualized and created a microservices-centric infrastructure to build and deploy applications.

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Built a robust eCommerce optimization and customer experience platform.

Compliance Solution Product

We developed the high-level infrastructure for the product as it was still under construction. Post-architecture deployment, we created an environment, optimizing for scale, security, and reliability before pushing it to production.

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To help SMEs deal with the hassle of complying with standards like GDPR.

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