DevOps As A Service

DevOps Consulting Services

We provide DevOps as a “managed service” to development teams and businesses who run or want to run applications in the cloud. We work together with your developers and in-house architects to help guide your team to successfully leverage the benefits of the cloud and ensure your environment runs efficiently and effectively with optimal ROI.

DevOps as a Service Benefits

DevOps as a Service Benefits | Ease of Collaboration

Ease of Collaboration

With development tools in the cloud, it’s easier to collaborate with users anywhere. And with collaboration as a key to the DevOps philosophy, then this is a huge advantage.

DevOps automation consulting | Faster Testing & Deployment

Faster Testing & Deployment

Generally, when organizations use cloud services, it enables them to increase their release frequency. With more computing power and data storage, the cloud makes the process easier and faster.

DevOps configuration management | Better Documentation & Quality Control

Better Documentation & Quality Control

Using cloud services is more data-driven so everyone on the team uses the same dataset. This leads to better documentation and quality control.

DevOps implementation services | Collaborating With Internal DevOps

Collaborating With Internal DevOps

DevOps as a Service doesn’t mean you don’t have to have an internal DevOps deployment process. It simply makes it easier to offload different parts of a project for better collaboration and quick turnaround.

Here is what you get at a predictable(fixed) monthly fee

DevOps Automation Consulting


Consider us an extension to your architects and developers. We’re here to be your sounding board for ideas & requirements. Whether its designing, planning, implementing or configuring your system for the cloud, we will give you advice and help you with reviews, guidance, recommendations and enhancements. And do what we recommend too.

Opt IT Technologies | System Reliability

System Reliability

We solve problems with what you currently have, while incrementally improving the whole process. We focus on the outcome, keeping momentum of your developers up, making the overall environment reliable.

Opt IT Technologies | Security Management

Security Management

We build from the ground up using Security best practices, our mindset is to ensure that everything is locked down, hardened and always keep an eye on changes to the environment and its relevance from a security standpoint.

Opt IT Technologies | Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

We ensure that everything the developers build can be tested, and only deployed to production when you are ready. We advocate continuous delivery and manage the process for you to get releases out fast and eliminate errors.

Cloud Infrastructure management | 24×7 Support | services

24×7 Support

Taking a proactive monitoring approach to the critical aspects of your tech stack. Cutting the noise and focusing on what is actionable & RCA on issues which repeat. Overall,, we are available and in the know how of what is happening with your cloud environment.

Automating the Deployment Process and Coding your Infrastructure

Process Automation

We start with automating the deployment process and coding your infrastructure but we are always evolving the processes over time, doing things smarter and taking advantage of new features when they make sense to use.

Opt IT Technologies | Active Communication

Active Communication

Taking advantage of communication tools like Slack, we are actively and constantly communicating with your development team to build and constantly improve your product.

Monitoring of the System Infrastructure


We believe the key to ongoing success and health of a system is to pick up trends early to prevent issues in the first place. We actively monitor and check the health of your system including monitoring of the system, infrastructure, application security, log files and edge services like DNS, black lists and Security (ISO, SOC2, PCI) compliance.

Opt IT Technologies | Dedication, Expertise & Talent

Dedication, Expertise & Talent

Not just from one person but a team of people with various Dev/Sec/Ops skills. You will gain access to our knowledge of managing different public cloud environments. Finding and retaining in-house DevOps staff is a challenge.

Opt IT Technologies | It’s A Predictable Fixed Fee

It’s A Predictable Fixed Fee

We do all this, the consulting, the support, the automation, the infrastructure code, the ongoing improvements and the constant communication with your team at a fixed fee.

Opt IT Technologies | Optimizing Your Cloud Spend

Optimizing Your Cloud Spend

We believe in watching your cloud spend on a regular basis and identify opportunities to optimise it to get the best ROI.

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