Unlocking Efficiency: Streamlining IT services for Customers with Lean Practices
IT services with lean practises

In the fast-paced world of IT services, every second counts. That’s where lean practices step in, revolutionizing how we operate at Opt IT. By cutting out waste, optimizing workflows, and empowering teams, we’re not just delivering solutions – we’re delivering excellence. From value stream mapping to continuous improvement, it’s all about maximizing value and minimizing effort. Embrace lean, and watch your IT services soar to new heights!

Reducing costs while not compensating for quality or competitiveness is one of the key factors driving long-term profitability and sustainability for any organization.

Apart from increasing profit, the expenditure thus avoided can be reinvested in relevant business areas or can be used to quote a lower competitive price of goods/services in the market.

Role of Opt IT in implementing Lean practices:

Optit Lean Practises

As part of the fusion of ITSM frameworks, at OPT IT, the focus is not only on implementing industry-approved standard service delivery frameworks like ITIL for delivering its services but also on implementing thin frameworks like Lean, which can be implemented for our clients without involving significant resources.

These practices have been adopted by our clients, which has led to significant cost savings.

Recently, we have accomplished a significant milestone by generating annual savings exceeding INR 1 crore for a leading retail e-commerce customer. This accomplishment underscores our ability to deliver impactful results through the strategic implementation of innovative practices and customized solutions.

Below are a few of these lean practices adopted by Opt IT to deliver impactful results.

1. Internet connectivity :

Based on market price & company requirements, we suggest the appropriate ILL / Broadband service providers. This visibility helps customers arrive at a decision on the ones that would suit their requirements best.

2. Periodic review :

We make an effort to schedule a periodic review of the environment and eliminate multiple applications that functionally deliver near similar features or may have become redundant over time.

3. Keeping subscription costs to a minimum : 

By subscribing to only the required license pack (for instance, basic plan instead of premium) and keeping access restricted to only those users who really need the subscription, significant cost savings have been achieved. This is accomplished by several associated practices like QEV (Quarterly Employee Verification) and CBN (Continual Business Need).

4. Availing best vendor prices/discounts:

We contribute to the effort in comparing multiple vendor prices and capabilities and suggest the best vendor, based on offered price/discount and services. This value addition has helped our customers achieve significant savings. Our focus remains on maximizing value and minimizing effort.

Excited to transform your IT services with lean practices? Let’s Optimize IT together! Get in touch today to kickstart your journey toward enhanced efficiency and excellence. Don’t miss out – harness the power of lean in your IT operations today!

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